Approach and Process

Requirements & Story Boarding
Visual Design Phase
Development and QA
Launch / Deployment
Strategy and Process is key to launch applications on time and budget. Our development process along with lean and agile methodologies ensures rapid development of world class applications.

Our Process Includes


Each project begins with understanding of business and technical goals. We engage in a discovery process with our clients, where we understand their overall goals and give our initial feedback. At this time, we suggest a high-level, order-of-magnitude estimate of what it would cost to design and develop the desired application.

Add the end of this discovery phase, If client is on board with the broad range of estimates, we provide a FIRM FIX PRICE or Do-Not-Exceed capped quote for the requirements phase.

Requirements & Story Boarding

This phase includes detailed understanding of client requirements, creating mockups and sketches. This is the most critical phase of the project as thats where we lock the requirements, and define the scope. End goal of this phase is to capture the complete flow, provide sketches or mockup of the full flow, and lock the scope for this version of the application. At the end of this requirement phase, we create a proposal document which includes

  • a FIRM FIX PRICE or “Do-Not-Exceed” estimate for the Visual Design.
  • a FIRM FIX PRICE or “Do-Not-Exceed” estimate for the Development, QA and Launch Phase.

Visual Design Phase

If the parties are in agreement, we sign a Statement of Work for the Design phase, which includes different options including a capped, do-not-exceed cost. In this phase, visual design of the full application is created, along with visual and video assets (if needed).

Development and QA Phase

If the parties are in agreement, we sign a Statement of Work for the development and QA phase, which includes deliverables, schedule and milestones. In this phase, our software engineers develop a robust product as per agreed upon tools and technologies.

We follow agile development process and hold frequent meetings, review statuses, accomplishments, and discuss any risks and hurdles. Depending upon the project, we create client builds for early feedback.


After user acceptance testing is completed, product is launched. If its a mobile app, we work with the client during the submission to App Store process and ensure all the issues are resolved as per App Store feedback.